• Looking for a Christchurch Web-Design company?

    Looking for a Christchurch Web-Design company?

    Net Builders is a proud Canterbury based Web Design Agency you can trust to take care of your business website.

    For peace of mind website development, full SEO and online marketing solutions while keeping a firm grip on value for money.

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  • Smart web design for all business

    Smart web design
    for all business

    Net Builders create websites for all business sizes, from small startups through to large business. As expert Joomla web developers you are assured your website is built using the best software available.

    Our design methods will provide a fresh new website created with a sales focus at realistic prices.

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  • Move to the top of Search Engines.

    Move to the top of
    Search Engines.

    Do you appear on the first page of Google, Yahoo or Bing?
    Net Builders is armed with the website marketing tools and a fist-full of web design SEO tricks to make a difference.

    All our websites are designed using modern SEO techniques. Our monitoring allows us to keep an eye on competitors online marketing while fine tuning your site.

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  • Professional website builders

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    Net Builders design and build professional grade business websites. All our websites are developed with responsive technology (mobile phone aware) and hosted on New Zealand high speed servers.

    Our proven search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques, backed up with enhanced online promotion and marketing ensures all websites built by our developers will stand the best possible chance of ranking high in search results and being found by your customers.

    Small business
    web design

    from $1195 + hosting.

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  • only $95 per month

    Serious about marketing your business and investing in advertising?
    It is important to measure the performance of your promotion efforts to understand what is working and what is not. Take advantage of netBuilders in-house systems that provide key MPM indicators that will provide the information you need.

  • Not sure what this adWords business is? Do you have a budget to ensure your business ranks at the top of Googles search results - netBuilders credits all your spend on advertising and only charges management fees rather than margin on your promotional budget.
  • All our business website clients recieve bonus not normally included in website builds.

    • High speed NZ Hosting
    • Security software to help stop hacking
    • SEO design
    • Responsive Mobile Design
  • Christchurch Website Builders

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    Net Builders design and build responsive websites designed to operate correctly on mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets. Our websites are hosted on high speed New Zealand servers, designed with proven search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques and backed up with enhanced online promotion - all aimed at ensuring your website ranks high on search engine results.

    Small business
    web design

    from $1195 + hosting.

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Building a flash website is not the end of it - by protecting and promoting your asset you guarantee performance and a professional image.


Standard with all new websites.

The number one threat on websites other than poor design is hackers. A hack attack on your website can leave it destroyed or worse, add pages of unwanted content - pages that may humiliate your business or offend.

Net Builders provide a Security Maintenance Program, that includes anti-hack software installation & configuration, and discounted security patching of your website to ensure it remains as secure as possible.

Free for the first year and then only $100 annually.


Serious about promoting your website?

Be sure to check out one of our BOOST packages - the most cost effective ways to marketing your business avaialble. Choose from our 3, 6, or 12 months terms, starting from as little as $42 per week.

BOOST SEO packages include:

  • Site addition into search engines
    if you are not in there you will not be found.
  • Google Ananlytics setup
    essential for collecting important visitor information.
  • Google adWords management
    to promote your business in Google.
  • Search Engine Rank Position (SERP) monitoring and reporting
    keep an eye on where you rank in search engines.
  • Competition Monitoring and reporting
    keep an eye on what your competition is up to.

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Christchurch Web Design Agency

Building business websites that sell.

Building business websites that work to meet the needs of today's tech savvy customers is what we do. Net Builders provide an honest professional solution with a focus on improving sales conversions and brand image.

By providing competitive pricing, using advanced SEO techniques, marketing monitoring, and mobile technology as a standard, we have found our clients website continually out perform expectation.
We appreciate all our clients and make a point of listening to their wishes. We never charge horrendous fees for simple tasks and are always conscious not to over design or over sell.

Believing in face-to-face meetings, we enjoy partnering with our Canterbury customers to ensure they receive the best possible results. If you currently have no website or are frustrated with your old website then please don't be shy and contact us today.

Paul Jones
Business Director
Paul Jones net Builders Christchurch

More Information

Christchurch website design company

Established in 2008, Christchurch web designers and online marketing company Net Builders has a wealth of experience and knowledge at their finger tips to ensure your business will perform well on the internet.

Our Christchurch clients enjoy our personal service - it's great to meet in person. Other customers are not left out, we have provided many training sessions and managed business internet ventures throughout New Zealand via email and telephone.

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Longitude, Latitude, and Attitude

Net Builders is a proud Christchurch company that believes reputation, honesty and integrity are our most valuable assets - we never sell unnecessary services and will always look for the best options to fit your budget. Our prices are very competitive with services ranging from small business website builds, SEO and promotion, New Zealand hosting, through to full-time management and support of online business affairs.

About Net Builders

Googles search engine will now penalise business websites that are not Mobile Aware

Business websites that only work on PC's and not mobile devices (such as cell phones and tablets) are loosing their positions on Googles search engine results. They are falling from front pages to lower pages beyond the reach of most internet searchers.

This change provides opportunity for those who act promptly. If your company has a mobile friendly website you will enjoy better positions in search engines, be found first and become more visible than your competition.

SEO & online promotion

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