Get paid for referring our service

Wish to earn some money?

Where you refer people to us that place orders for website builds, we will return the kindness by paying you a finders fee. Where you wish earn more money by actively selling our service then please feel free to come in and talk to us.
Potential earning:
  • Earn $149

    Get paid a finders fee of $149 for every successful website customer you refer to us.
  • Earn $600

    3 sites per month
    Where you refer three new customers in one month, we will pay you a finders fee of $200 each.
  • Earn $1000+

    4+ sites per month
    Where you refer four or more new customers in one month, we will pay you a finders fee of $250 each.
All payments will be made on the 20th of the month following full payment of the referred customers order. We will help you if you are unfamiliar with providing invoices.
The quoted finders fees include G.S.T.
The rules:
As with many things, there are a few rules. Rules designed to ensure we all benefit: netBuilders, yourself, and the business website we are building.
  • Canterbury based
    The new customer must be based in Canterbury.
  • Build pack
    The new customer must purchase at least the Business Website Package.
  • Discounts
    Where the customer is provided discount (ie, price matching), then that discount may be deducted from your finders fee. The deduction will be a % of the discount based on the number of customers you provide. 100% for the first, 50% for the second, and 0% for all others.
  • Association
    You are not employed, a shareholder or director of the new customer.
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