Ongoing website maintenance

Put your feet up, and let us look after your websites
Be it a face-to-face meeting planning your websites future, or maybe our commitment to keep your website exciting and new - we are local and been around for quite a while, so very unlikely to leave any time soon.

The most cost effective way to commission ongoing work to your website, such as advertising, Search engine optimisation, speed optimisation, BLOG updates, frequent advertising changes etc, is to take advantage of our ongoing maintenance plans.

Plans for ongoing maintenance

All our maintenace plans are billed monthly in advanced, and provide for discounted hourly rates of website developement work performed at our office.

How it works

Each job performed during the month will have a minimum of 30mins assigned.

At the end of each monthly period:
  • Where the accumulated monthly jobs time exceeds the support packages allocated number of hours, the balance will be charged based on the existing support packages hourly rate.
  • Where there is unused time, then that time will be forfeit at the end of month.

At the beginning of each month you can elect to change packages.

Our support packages

Where you are an existing client on our Managed Packages

For our cusomters on our Managed packages we provide "Standard Maintenance" covering your websites hosting, renewing domains, emails and security system.


Our standard hourly rate is $139/hr

Alot can be achieved in an hour, so save up your changes to have them all done in one hit.

Silver support

Monthly: 2.5 hours
Reduced rate: $80/hr

Gold support

Monthly: 4 hours
Reduced rate: $70/hr


Monthly: 6 hours
Reduced rate: $60/hr

Where someone else built your website, or you have third party working on one of our websites

Rather than hiring staff to maintain your online business, consider one of the following plans. You will find you it significantly more cost effective.


Our standard hourly rate is $159/hr

Silver support

Weekly: 2.5 hours
Reduced rate: $80/hr

Gold support

Weekly: 4 hours
Reduced rate: $70/hr


Weekly: 6 hours
Reduced rate: $60/hr
All pricing excludes GST
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