Some most commonly asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The world of websites can be very bewildering. Following are a few common questions our clients have asked that may also help you.


Do I have to sign a contract?

Yes, where you choose to pay monthly you will be required to sign a fixed term contract.

How long does it take to build a website?

A website can be built within 1 week of agreed concept and supply of content (logos, content & images), following initial deposit.

Are there additional cost involved?

Our package fees cover the build of your website. There will be additional mandatory annual fees for hosting and any management enhancement package you may choose, however your domain (, and email facility can be self managed.

Standard hosting is included in the monthly payment option. You may need to upgrade your hoswting where allocated monthly bandwidth is fully consumed.

What if I have no content?

Don't panic, our team can provide logo design and copywriting facility. We even have professional photographers that can help with any photographs.

I hear hosting quality can vary wildly - what do you use?

The servers we use to host your website are fine-tuned, take advantage of high-speed SDRAM (not using hard drives), and housed in New Zealand, allowing your website to run much faster.

This all helps your website perform better in Search Engine Results and provides a better experience for your customers.

Will I be charged any additional customisation?

The small business and advanced packages allow for a set amount of customisation work. Customisation deemd to be extraordinary will be charged at standard hourly rates. We will not surprise you and will ensure you are aware before we get to this stage.

What payments do you accept?

We only accept bank transfer.

Website Footer

For customers on our packages we include a link to our netBuilders website in the footer of the pages.

Deposits for new website build.

To begin work we ask for payment equivalent to 50% of the build invoice, with the balance due on the day the site goes live.

Where you choose to pay monthly, we ask for 3 months payment in advanced.

Mobile Aware Design

Mobile aware design ensures your website looks good and is easily navigated - not only on computers but also on mobile devices such as tablets and mobile phones.

Optimised for search engines

Your pages content is constructed to be optimised for search engines, just another thing to help you rank high in search engines.

Advanced packages include additional SEO work.

Joomla Content Management

We build your website using the Joomla Content Management System (CMS) with inhouse additions that allow easy updating of your website.

Moving host

If you wish to move your website to another host provider, then we will help you move the website. Not all software/IP can be moved and fees at normal rates will apply for time involved. We do not provide archived copies. Where you are on a fixed term contract you will need to pay the balance of the term before moving.

Professional NZ Hosting

All websites built by us are required to use our New Zealand based High-speed host servers. To rank well in search engines, it is essential to have a server that works fast and is based in NZ.

Archive of system, and backups

Each time we make a change to your website, we perform a backup to ensure your system is safe. We do not provide archived copies of your website to other parties due to the inhouse IP and software used.

Discounted hourly rates

We can do a lot of work in an hour however we sweeten that little but more by providing discounted hourly rates while your website is hosted with us.

Minimum charge

We charge a minimum of 30 minutes per job. Each job will include time for backups and administration. It is often more cost effective to group as much work as you can into one job.

Security Software

Trust us, you do not want your website hacked which is why all our websites come with a security system installed - to help keep hackers at bay.

Provided free of charge for the first year.


Each website package includes an allocation of monthly bandwidth usage. If your website consumes the allocated amount you will need to upgrade the hosting. This may mean a changee to another package, ie, silver to gold hosting. High bandwidth usage can become expensive so please discus with us ways to reduce consumption.

Initial Consulting & Training

Each package has an amount of time allocated for initial design consulting. Small business and Advanced packages provide additional time for training.

Annual consulting

The Internet World is ever changing, and most business will have some change in direction over its lifespan. We provide annual consulting with each website to ensure your website is performing at its best.

Where you have other questions please ensure you contact us to find out.

Questions around moving your website to another host.

We understand things change and are happy to move your website to another host of your choice.

Will any host do?

Most good host providers will provide CPanel to manage the host system. Where CPanel is not provided there will be additional time involved with website build.

Net Builders packages can only be built using our hosting. Where you wish to use another host our build fees will be based on time taken.

Where you pay annual hosting fees and wish to move after the first year, the website can be repackaged and provided to you to move.

What is involved where I wish to move to another host?

Because the website contains Net Builders private IP, and software licenses that cannot be transferred, we repackage the system so that it will run on the new host without these items.

Don't worry - it will look the same.

What are the costs?

Discounted hourly rates do not apply for work repackaging and transferring your website which is charged based on time involved. Fees based on estimated time are to be paid in advance.

Can I just receive an archive of the website?

No, we do not provide archived copies of website to other parties due to the inhouse IP and licensed software used.

What about the Security Software?

The security system is an in-house product that can not be transferred. This will be removed from your website during repackaging.

What about the Speed Enhancement Software?

The Speed Enhancement software is licensed to Net Builders and can only be run on our host. This will be removed from your website during repackaging.

Will you transfer Domains?

Where the domain is owned by you and managed by us, we will provide the UDAI code for your transfer upon request.

What if the domain was purchased by Net Builders?

Where the domain is registered by Net Builders, and you purchased the website at full package prices, then we will transfer ownership to you upon request. Fees may apply for time involved with the transfer.


We do not transfer email services, this is a thing the new host provider will setup for you.
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