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A little about Net Builders

Established in 2008 with original offices in Christchurch's New Regents Street, then Harewood following Canterbury Earthquakes, and now with design studio in Papanui.

Originally Net Builders focused solely on building websites becomming very good at it. A great deal of experience was gained contracting to many other New Zealand web design agencies building their customers websites. Our contracting experience was extensive and demonstrated our greatest point of difference - Providing in-house expertise where other agencies are merely groups of sales teams contracting work out to those of us with the skills.

Our expert Joomla developer skills allow us to provide state-of-the-art websites at a fraction of the cost of others.

Today we offer a full range of website building, online marketing, and website management - all aimed to make life simpler for you, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best.

We aim to talk plain simple English in the jargon filled world of websites.

We take a genuine interest in your business and care about your website performing well.

Our aim is to provide a personal touch through our boutique styled services.

What should you
Expect as a customer?

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Access to expert consultancy and workmanship

Your consultant will have a huge array of experience, dealing with a large number of varying business types throughout their years of professional work. Their knowledge and expertise are just some of the benefits you will gain by partnering with Net Builders.

Treated fairly and never be oversold to.

A common complaint we hear from customers that have had a bad relationship with their previous web design agencies is that they feel they were sold options that were unnecessary.

Our aim is to never over-sell and to only offer options that fit with your need. We have often put customers off from implementing functions that would not prove worthwhile.

Fully informed prior to beginning any work.

Where ever possible, we will fully inform you of costs, time to build and any expectations of your input required before we begin work.

All information treated in the strictest of confidence.

Your business is your business and we understand this fully. We commit to treat your information in strict confidence and maintain your privacy at all times.

No one outside of Net Builders will have access to your information without your express authorisation.

Always be listened to and respected.

This might sound a silly thing to say however we have found many customers come to us complaining that their previous web design agency just treated them as a number or sale and was not terribly interested in them.

Net Builders consider themselves as partnering with their customers and promise to respect what you have to say and respond within reasonable time frames.
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