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Our website host servers are based in New Zealand and offer superior speeds and service than international shared options.  A case study below demonstrates the importance and advantage of using professional high-speed hosting.

netBuilders hosting accounts

Entry Level


A low cost option for those entry level business with a website with few pages and little graphics.

Silver host


Our standard host account used for most business websites. This is the account we normally start our customers on.

Gold host


Hosting that allows for increased bandwidth for those larger websites with higher resources or customer visits.

SSL Certificate


With the Silver and Gold Host accounts, you have the option to add a SSL certificate to ensure secure communication between customers and the website. This will also stop browsers from stating the website is unsecured.

Security System


The security system protects the website against many known ways of hacking the website. Vital to save large costs putting hacks right, and most importantly, saves your site from displaying unwanted content (often x-rated) 

NZ Professional Hosting

All Net Builders hosting is provided within New Zealand and takes advantage of high speed SSD Ram, meaning much higher load speed and therefore happier customers and much better each engine results

Nothing kills a web sites appeal more than slow load times.

Search engines such as Google use website load times as a key factor in determining which websites have greater appeal than others. Naturally, faster websites provide greater appeal to customers and therefore higher search-engine results.

Net Builders host servers are fine-tuned and take advantage of high-speed equipment. Following is a case study that compares website load speeds on budget international hosts with our professional host servers.

... It is significant.

Professional Vs. Budget Website Hosting

We get the odd customer mentioning that they could find hosting at lower prices, $100 per year, asking why we charge more. Our response is always that you get what you pay for and that we only place our customers' websites on host accounts that perform.

The issue was, we never had any figures to support our statements, so we decided to run our own tests to illustrate some differences. Following is a discussion of a case study that investigates the differences between our hosting and cheaper international hosting.

THE MEASURE :- Website load speed

To test the website load speed we selected Melbournes Pingdom web speed test service.

There is a delay between sending information back and forwards between New Zealand and Australia so using a test suite based in Australia would (when comparing) give an advantage to the Australian (International) based budget host provider, and a disadvantage to our New Zealand based servers.

International Low-Cost Hosting

To demonstrate our view that budget hosting was a false economy we decided to purchased a Crazy Domains web host account.

Crazy Domains was chosen because it is a well-known budget host provider and their servers were based in Australia.

crazydomains New Zealand High Speed Hosting
Crazy Domains host speed test

The test results show the website was well constructed and configured with a performance grade of 90, and a load time of 2.76 seconds, 57% faster than other websites tested on the test suite.

Not bad I guess, however it is common knowledge that websites must load in around 2 second, and if the load time is over 3 seconds then your potential customer will leave your website - not so good...

New Zealand Professional Hosting

We use our own host servers that are only stocked with Net Builders customers. The servers are not crammed packed with websites and all accounts are fully managed by Net Builders - meaning there are no rogue accounts causing issues.

Net Builders high speed hosting
Net Builders high-speed professional hosting

We knew our host servers were fast however the results show a huge difference. Remember these servers are based in New Zealand so have an intrinsic delay when measuring website load speeds from Australia.

The website loads in 0.865 seconds - almost 320% faster than the same website running on a budget host in Australia! and more importantly, loading in well under the golden 2 seconds time frame.

91% faster than other websites tested on the test suite.

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