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So, you have yourself a wonderful new website. A website that your customers are sure to love. It looks nice and clean, it says everything it should, but why then are we not getting sales?

It does not matter how lovely your website looks, it is no use if it is not found. Following are some options we provide that will increase the visibility of your website.

SEO Enhancements

SEO enhancements fine-tune your website pages to ensure they load at optimal speeds and that the words used reflect subject material at its best. SEO is about tuning your website so it ranks well in search engines for particular keywords and phrases.

Where we are building you a Small Business Website,
the Online Promotion Package is included free
with the purchase of the Website Enhancement Package.

Where we are building you an Advanced Website,
the SEO packages are included in the build fee.

Online Promotion


List in major Search Engines & Indexes

Addition to Google Maps
Sitemap generation

Promotion, Enhancement
+ Monitoring

from $799

Online promotion and Website Enhancement

Monitoring account setup (valued at $199)
Reporting costs $49/mth

Website Enhancement

$299 +$42/page

Extra SEO work

Keyword research
page speed enhancement
Optimised meta data
Optimised titles

Online Marketing

Like SEO, online marketing is designed to help increase yoru websites visibility by placing adverts in front of customers. It is HIGHLY RECOMENDED that you take advantage of the
SEO Enhancements before advertising.

Google adWords or Facebook Advertising

$299 + costs

Run your first advert

Setup your account
Create two adverts

The Full Year
Advertising Management

from $699

One year of advertising management

includes the creation of your account, advert

Advertising Management

$49 + costs

Monitor your adWords

Keep an eye out for issues
Fine tune keywords
Maintain budgets

Promotion, Enhancement, Advertising and Monitoring

from $1399

No mucking around - Give my website the Best Possible Chance at the Best Price

Enhanced SEO your website.
Ensure it is promoted in all the right places.
Performance Monitoring.
A full year of advertising Management.

Pricing is based on 5 pages SEO, additional pages are charged at $42 each
Where you would like to advertise in both facebook and adwords there will be an additional fee of $499
Monitoring is $49/mnth or $499pa

Get The Works!

Not Sure What to do?

Where you can afford it we always recommend you choose the full packages. They provide best value for money and give you the best start possible.
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