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Net Builders are expert website builders that understand the world of websites and internet is most often confusing and difficult to understand. To help with understanding and decision making we offer a number of packaged website build solutions.

There is a lack of guidance and support in the web design industry. While we are expert developers it is our mission to ensure our customers are kept fully informed throughout the design process and into the future.


Taking the 'Geek' out of Web Design and talking plain English. Your assigned consultant will spend the time to help you through the different build phases and will be available into the future to answer your questions.

Joomla Experts

Most modern websites are built using what is known as a Content Management System (CMS). There are a couple of main players in the CMS world. Probably the most common are Joomla and Wordpress. Our expertise is with Joomla as we believe it allows us more options and more flexibility to craft the best websites.

Responsive Technology

A responsive website responds to the device used (cell phone, tablet or PC computer) to view the website. Items such as images, menus, and buttons all move and changes to make the website easy to read on that device.

If you're like the majority of customers who use mobile devices to read a website, you will be relieved to know we build all our websites to be responsive by default. No more scroll left & right or zooming in to read the text - your customers will love you.

"Mobile is not the future, it is the now. Meet your customers in the environment of their choice, not where it's convenient for you."

overview-avatar-01 Web Design by Net Builders Cyndie Shaffstall, Spider Trainers

Responsive Website Developers

Responsive Website Developers

Expert Joomla Developers

You may wish to engage Net Builders to craft you a new website, or maybe you have an old site that needs some work or upgrading.

Net Builders have been working with the Joomla Content Management System for a very long time and have specialised skills to create you a top class well-crafted website.

There are many reasons why Joomla is the best choice for your website, however maybe one of the best reasons from your point of view is that Joomla is extensively used worldwide by professional website developers. This means that in the extremely unlikely event you choose to move away from our service, it will be easy for you to find another provider to work on your website.

Further, you may have heard about Wordpress. Wordpress is often used by novice programmers or web agencies that outsource their work to external developers. In comparison, Joomla is a professional tool that allows extensive options with superior functionality. Some of the world's most respected companies use Joomla for their web based systems, including Pizza Hut, UK ministry of defence, eBay, The High Court in Australia, and MTV.

Google Recaptcha

Sick of those silly 'Human Test' things at the end of contact forms. The ones that have a few scribbly looking letters that you need to try and read and then type in to confirm you are not a robot?

It is smart to stop 'Spam Bots' from spamming your email, but not smart to put off eager customers. We implement Googles newest method that most often only requires customers to tick a tick box.

Responsive Website Developers

Responsive Website Developers

Google Maps

Your website will be integrated with Google Maps to make it easier for customers to find you.

If you have never used Google Maps, it allows your customers to zoom in, or out to work out exactly where your base is. It can also display the street view of your location, and provide directions from your customers place to yours.

Contact Us Page

All our websites include a clean and simple 'Contact Us' page.

We can include a large amount of information gathering on these pages, which allows you to gather important information at the initial point of contact. We can also build specialised contact pages for differing needs. i.e. one for general contact, one for quotes, one for bookings ...

Responsive Website Developers

Responsive Website Developers

Image Gallery

Do you wish to show off your products or provide a portfolio of your works? If so, an image gallery is a perfect option.

Ask us about including an image gallery or slideshows into your new website. We can also embed galleries into each website page as required.

As with everything about your website, we can update your galleries as required - however, if you wish to do your own updates then rest assured, the software used makes it simple to add and change images with descriptions.

Is there something else to add to your website?

There is a huge array of options and functions that can be included in your website. Extensive systems for Booking, Rentals, Membership management, Online catalogues, Advertising and Auction sites... Bring all your ideas to our initial meeting so we can discuss what can be done and provide a complete quote.

Ready to get started?

Don't hesitate to arrange an obligation free meeting, or check out our very competitive web site build prices.

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