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Gain Higher Search Engine Positions

"How do I achieve better search engine results?" is the most common question asked by business website owners. It is widely known that customers search for products and services through internet search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo - but what is not widely known is the how to promote your website to rank well in these searches. How to ensure your business is promoted ahead of your competition and remains competitive.

Competition spying is one professional monitoring service Net Builders can provide you.

Not long ago advertising in the yellow pages and newspaper was enough to let your customers know about you, today your customers are very unlikely to search through newspaper adverts and no longer use yellow pages to look for services - these techniques frequently prove to be adequate and a waste of advertising budget.

The key to the online visibility problem is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and business Online Promotion. The rest of this page introduces key concepts of online promotion. SEO concepts are discussed in the web design page as the lagest SEO work is performed in the websites design.


Beating Online Competition

There are still companies without a website that stand no chance of being found. Many of those that do have a website do not compete aggressively, if at all. Most business will build a website and that's it, they sit back with fingers crossed wondering why their website is not providing the customers they had hoped for. These businesses are only of concern when like you, they read this article and take steps to start promoting.

Presuming you already have a well designed mobile aware website, it is our belief that it is essential to known your competition (know your enemy), what they are doing to have their website rank higher than yours. Business environments are always changing, requiring us to consistently keep an eye on competition and adapt where required.

Net Builders have numerous monitoring solutions that allow us to spy on other websites to see what forms of online promotion they use and how they are performing in search engines. The goal is to use this knowledge to gain advantage while measuring your on-going performance.


Forget about what makes you special

Ignoring what makes your products and services unique sounds very controversial and goes against everything you may have been told in Marketing 101 however there is very rarely a unique business. While your business may have some special product or service, it is likely there is competition out there. Beating that competition will be measured on how well you understand what is common, or more importantly, what your customers commonly know about your business.

Promoting your business online is about getting customers to find your business website. You must understand where your business is similar to competitors to help promotion in commonly known markets. That is where most customers are and where the greatest effort is required.

An example: Lets pretend you sell toilet paper; special paper that is super soft, neutral balanced, with prettier pictures than others. What is important online is that you are actually competing to sell toilet paper. When someone sits at their computer (or cell phone) wanting to purchase toilet paper, what do you think they will type into their search engine? Most of the time they will simply type in "Toilet Paper". Your competitive advantage has just flushed away… Business that have tuned their online promotion specifically to "Toilet Paper" will perform much better than those that concern themselves with pH and butterflies.


Keywords and phrases

The words to describe your products and services are known as keywords and keyword phrases. The keyword/phrases to use when designing and promoting your website are those that your customers will be typing into search engines to find you. The words your customers use can often differ from those you might use. New customers do not always have the in-depth knowledge or know technical jargon and will often search for your business using simple words and phrases.

Net Builders have methods that allow us to see what words and phrases yield the best results, those that are most commonly used in search engines and those that are not known by your competition - providing competitive advantage. After performing keyword research we are able to use the most important keywords to optimise your website promotion as well as the initial design; we can also add those keywords into the competitor spy software to see how the competition is performing.


Watch and learn

While there are some common rules that apply to most, not all business types are alike. Many tricks of the trade are employed to help one business succeed over another, they are special and particular to that business type, it's market and operating environment.

Net Builders encourage clients to keep an ever vigilant eye on their competition to understand what they are doing that makes them better in the real world (not just online), and then to adopt and surpass those techniques. There are a number of ways to do this online, methods to examine beneath the bonnet of your competitions internet approach and to check out the environment or market your business operates in.

How do I get started?

The process is simple, get in contact with us to arrange a time to meet up and talk over your ideas. If you are worried that you don't understand these things and afraid then don't worry, we are kiwis that talk plain english.

There is no pressure, we understand you will be talking to other providers - that makes sense, our discussions are always obligation free.

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Why do some websites out-perform others? Why do some websites appear higher in search results? Odds are, a great majority of your customers will be looking for products and services through online searches. Those companies that appear at the top of search result pages will get the majority of sales.

NetBuilders focus on building websites that sell, offering packaged enhancements ensuring your business performs at its best.

Why don't we offer enhancements as standard? There are quite a few people happy with their current work load. These customers are only interested in improving their companies professional image, and do not require marketing.

By adding our enhancement packages you guarantee performance and a secured professional image. Do not be one of those who build a nice new website, sit back and wonder why they are not getting phone calls. Ask us about boosting your online presense.

Packaged Enhancements

Read about different website enhancement packages

  • Website Security and Maintenance Programme

    Security for your website is provided standard with all new websites.

    The number one threat to your website other than poor design and maintenance is hackers. A hack attack can leave your website destroyed or worse, add pages of unwanted content that may humiliate and offend.

    Net Builders provide a Security Maintenance Program, that includes anti-hack software and discounted security patching of your website, ensuring it remains protected.

    ✔︎ Free for the first year and then only $100 annually.

  • Website Enhancement Package

    Are you are serious about the performance of your website? If so, then adding improved Search Engine Optimisation with this website enhancement is a must. Your website will load much faster and provide the best possible chance of out-performing your competition.

    ✔︎ Free with GOLD Package website builds, or $299 + $42 per page.

    Website enhancement package includes:

    • Keyword Analysis
      10 keywords analysed to see which will perform best.
    • Extra on page SEO
      Optimised meta data and titles
    • Page speed enhancement
      Boost the website to optimise performance.
      When you enhance your website at build time.

  • Online Promotion Package

    Promote your website so customers can find you. Increase the visibility of your site by getting us to list it in all the right places. A website will eventually find itself listed in Google over time but will struggle to be found on other web search engines. Ensure your business can be found by adding our Online Promotion package.

    ✔︎ Free with GOLD Package website builds, or free when you add the website enhancement package at build time, or $299.

    Online promotion package includes:

    • Listing on major search engines
      Google, Bing and Yahoo.
    • Listing on major indexes
      Help increase your backlinks and ranking.
    • Sitemap generation
    • Addition in Google Maps
      Essential for local searches.

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