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Website visibility - the new urgency

Not too long ago the business world was urgently ensuring they all had websites. If you did not have one you were assured of becoming invisible to the ever increasing group of internet savy customers. Today if you have no website you might as well close your doors.

Now that everyone has a website there is a new urgency, a huge scramble to be the top and most visible business on search engine results. Those who appear at the top of the lists are assured of gaining much more leads than those below.

Net Builders are experienced at building modern well performing websites that work. Our websites are designed to be fast, have a clean & fresh image, operate on modern devices (desktop computers, tablets and other mobile devices such as cell phones), and are search engine optimised (discussed below). Looking beyond website building, netBuilders have in-house software and experience to help your online business grow to outperform its competition through smart online promotion.

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The rest of this page discusses some general topics that are important for you to known that should help you make decisions when it comes to choosing the design approach to your new website.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) - visibility part 1

All Net Builders websites are built using techniques to optimise how they are seen by search engines. There are numerous options available which will be discussed at initial design meetings and always considered while the website is being built.Christchurch web design and SEO promotion

Where possible it is always worth you spending a little time considering what your future customers might type into their search engines to find you. These words can often be used to determine what pages you will need to build into your website and will suggest words and content for those pages.

We have titled this small SEO section as 'Visibility part 1' because these concepts are the first important things that need to be considered, and are performed mostly during the build of your website. Part 2 is online promotion of which we have devoted an entire page to discuss.


More affordable websites than ever

Web Design Costs

Time moves fast in the internet world and it was not that long ago when a simple business website would set you back many thousands of dollars. Today a great web website does not need to cost a fortune. netBuilders provides their Small Business Websites for a very affordable price and with low ongoing annual fees.

Our goal is to design websites without great expense and unnecessary overkill.
Our promise is to only provide services you actually need that fit within your budget.


What web design options are best for you?

3 Web Design Options

It is an exaggeration that simply building a website will bring you customers. There are three major ways to build an online presence, each providing different degrees of promotion and naturally each taking different degrees of financial commitment.

Read about different types of website design

  • Simple websites

    ... on a budget and not really interested in promoting your business online.

    A website with only a few pages and no major consideration to optimisation for Search Engines - these websites are fantastic for a company with limited budgets that simply wish to enhance their professional image and provide a little more information to customers.

    Simple websites rely heavily on word of mouth and traditional forms of advertising to get customers.

  • Enhanced content websites

    ... the most common form of business website, affordable and good for online promotion.

    Enhanced content websites contain numerous pages designed and worded in a way to trigger successful results on Search Engines (specifically Google and Bing organic searching). More thought and effort goes into these websites - words are written in a way to promote your expertise (known as authority) on your products and services.

    Enhanced websites promote your business image to a higher degree than the simple websites, greatly improving your chances of being found in search engines driving more customers your way.

  • Enhanced website with reach

    ... for those serious about out-performing their competition and being found high in search results.

    Websites do not stand alone, they exist on the internet along with other websites. Those websites that search engines consider more useful to customers are highly connected to other websites. Their content is extensive, well written and designed to sell.

    To out-perform and out-rank your competition it is essential to create a website that is authoritative, and then concentrate on online promotion.

    Step one is to armed yourself with a website designed with search engine in mind. All Net Builders packages are built to be Search Engine Optimised.

    You must then consider external influences - there are many things that effect how visible you are, particularly compared to your competition: Google adWords, listing your website in what are called index websites, back links in other website articles, increasing the speed of your website, monitoring the website to know what is working and what is not... the list goes on and on.

    Net Builders can provide advanced monitoring of your website along with online marketing & promotion.

    This approach should be considered more than just a website, rather an Internet Business with websites connected by numerous external influencing factors.

How do I get started?

The process is simple, get in contact with us to arrange a time to meet up and talk over your ideas. If you are worried that you don't understand these things and afraid then don't worry, we are kiwis that talk plain english.

There is no pressure, we understand you will be talking to other providers - that makes sense, our discussions are always obligation free.

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